Celine Dion cancels concerts. He suffers from a rare disease that has serious consequences

Celine Dion cancels concerts.  He suffers from a rare disease that has serious consequences

Celine Dion cancels concerts. He suffers from a rare disease that has serious consequences

  1. Many of the world’s artistic careers were interrupted by illness. This time, Celine Dion shared her diagnosis that influenced her life and work

  2. The star suffers from an incurable neurological disorder, which she talked about in a moving video

  3. The singer known from the hit “My Heart Will Go On” is forced to postpone her tour dates due to the diagnosis. She announced her decision on Instagram

  4. Her condition, Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), affects only one person in a million. It causes the singer painful cramps and trouble walking and singing

  5. The reason is the stiffening of the muscles – first the trunk, then the legs and other muscles of the body

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Celine Dion struggles with an incurable neurological disorder

The singer talked about her health problems, fighting tears, in a video specially made available to fans. She said she’s always been “like an open book” and now she wants to share her story too health — she was diagnosed with an incurable neurological disorder.

In an Instagram video recorded in two languages ​​- English and French, the 54-year-old Canadian woman confessed: “I wasn’t ready to say anything – but now I am. I have been struggling with health problems for a long time. It was really difficult for me face these challenges and talk about everything I’ve been through.”

Celine Dion has revealed she has been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), which she explained “affects roughly one person in a million”.

The rest of the video below.

Celine Dion’s disease is very rare. What does it involve?

SPS is a rare autoimmune movement disorder that affects the central nervous system the nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

This neurological disease has several names: generalized stiffness syndrome, stiff man syndrome, Moersch-Woltmann syndrome and unknown origin. It consists in generalized body rigidity progressing over months and years, stabilizing over time. The syndrome was first described in 1956 by Frederick Moersch and Henry Woltmann of the Mayo Clinic.

Generalized stiffness syndrome is a very rare disease, it occurs equally often in both sexes and the term is no longer used in English. “stiff-man syndrome” for “stiff-person syndrome”. The disease also affects children, but rarely runs in families. Patients first experience stiffening muscles trunk, and then over time develop stiffness in the legs and other muscles of the body.

Celine Dion specifically described her problems – including mobility problems.

“Although we are still learning about this rare disease, it is known that it is the cause of all the cramps I have had. Unfortunately, these cramps affect every aspect of my daily life: sometimes they make it difficult to walk and prevent me from using my vocal cords to sing in a way that to which I’m used to,” the broken artist confessed.

“I work hard every day with my sports medicine therapist to regain my strength and my ability to perform again. But I have to admit it’s a struggle. All I know is singing. I’ve been doing it all my life and that’s what I love doing the most,” she added.

Dion: ‘I’m doing everything in my power to recover’

The singer is a mother of three children and has now decided to focus on her health. Therefore, she had to postpone the European leg of her tour.

“It pains me to tell you today that this means I won’t be ready to resume my European tour in February. I have a wonderful team of doctors working alongside me to help me recover and my beloved children supporting me and they give hope.

The singer also canceled the rest of her North American dates on her “Courage World Tour” citing health reasons. The multiple Grammy Award winner was most moved when she directly addressed her fans:

“I miss you guys so much. I miss seeing all of you – being on stage, performing for you. I always give 100% when I play shows. But my condition doesn’t allow me to do that right now. To reach you again, I don’t “I have no choice but to focus on my health right now. I hope I’m on the right track to recovery. That’s what I’m focusing on and doing everything in my power to get better.”

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