Celebrity crowd on Maybelline New York Stories. Who showed up?

Misiek Koterski, Marcela Leszczak, Andziaks, Olga Kalicka … A crowd of celebrities at Maybelline New York Stories. Pictures.

On Friday, August 19, an extraordinary event took place – three performances by the most popular artists of the Polish music scene: Smolasty, Bryska and DJ set Young Leosi. There was a crowd of celebrities who came to the event.

Celebrity crowd on Maybelline New York Stories. Who showed up?

On Friday, it was full of celebrities during the party Maybelline New York Stories. The photojournalists eagerly posed on the wall: Misiek Koterski, Marcela Leszczak, Andziaks, Olga Kalicka, Ola Nowak, Madzia WójcikAnna Markowska, Sylwia MadeńskaSmolasty, Bryska, Magda Bereda, Marietta Witkowska, Ewa Zawada, Klaudia Jóźwiak, Adrianna Grotkowska.

Koterski and Leszczak, who were in love, drew attention to each other, and they did not spare their tenderness on the wall. Marcela and Misiek create a turbulent relationship. Actor and program finalist Top Model they met a few years ago during one of the industry events. Since then, their relationship has gone through various stages – they diverge and come to terms. Their love was to be sealed with the birth of a son Frederick.

For the first time, Misiek Koterski and Marcela Leszczak got engaged in February 2017. For years, it seemed that they were made for each other. However, they did not survive the crisis that ended their relationship a few months ago. However, it quickly turned out that they could not live without each other and they were together again. Once again, the engagement ring flashed on the model’s finger. Currently, they are celebrating love again, which is expressed at industry events and on the web.

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