Carlo Ancelotti indicated the favorites of the World Cup in Qatar. He named three representations

The world championship in Qatar will start in three months. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti believes that three national teams should fight for the victory in Qatar. He pointed them out in an interview with “Il Messaggero”.

The date of this year’s World Cup is unusual, because the fight for the world championship will take place during the club season. It can be a big problem for top clubs.

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Carlo Ancelotti is aware of the potential difficulties. The coach of Real Madrid in an interview with “Il Messaggero” admitted how he intends to deal with the whole situation.

The main problem after the World Cup will be players’ fatigue. Usually, after a tournament like this, players go on vacation. Now they will have to come back and play an important part of the season. We will have to assess their fatigue and schedule a rest – He said.

The French team will defend the championship in Qatar. According to Ancelotti, “Tricolor” will also be one of the main favorites for the title this time.

Brazil and France seem to be the strongest teams today. After them, I would mention Argentina. Scaloni’s team is back on top. In addition, they have Leo Messi on the team – he assessed.

The national team of Argentina will face the Polish team in the group stage. “Biało-Czerwoni” will also compete with Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

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