Card. Schoenborn: the next pope is unlikely to be a European

In the Basilica of St. Peter, Pope Francis will elevate 20 cardinals to the dignity of cardinals, including 16 under the age of 80, with the right to participate in a possible conclave. The new cardinals include two from Brazil, two from India, one each from Singapore, Nigeria, Ghana, Paraguay, East Timor, Korea and Mongolia.

“Since my appointment as cardinal in 1998, the world and the Church have changed. At that time, Europeans were still the majority of the cardinals. Today they are a minority among the newly appointed,” wrote the Metropolitan of Vienna.

He pointed out that from the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis focused heavily on the dynamically developing Church in Asia, Africa and Latin America. “The cardinals will elect the next pope. Probably he will not be a European. His task will, of course, be a sign of unity in this torn world” – said the Austrian purpurate.

Stealing. Schoenborn will attend the assembly of cardinals convened by Pope Francis at the Vatican from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday evening. The Archbishop of Vienna has already arrived in Rome. Last Thursday, he accompanied a delegation from the International Network of Catholic Legislators (ICLN) to an audience with the Pope.

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