Capsule wardrobe – a great solution for difficult times!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe, also known as a capsule wardrobe, is based on minimalism. This means that we create it from as few clothes and shoes as possible, usually around 30-40, and we choose only those that we will wear. It is good to be guided by both the universality and the quality of the selected clothing when choosing clothing that will be in our capsule wardrobe, so that it will serve us as long as possible, because this will translate into our savings. Classic styles and uniform-colored clothes will be perfect for completing such garments. It will be much easier to create many styles from them later on for every occasion, thanks to which we will not waste time inventing new combinations of clothes. Timeless styles will prevent us from having to confront new trends, which will also translate into our budget. In addition, we will use clothes that are already in our wardrobe and we spent money on them.

If our style differs from the classic cuts, it does not mean that the capsule is not for us! It is simply about thoughtful solutions and choosing clothes in such a way that they fit one another. Importantly, being aware of what we like best to wear, we are less likely to make wrong choices when shopping for clothes. We will also not succumb to purchases under the influence of emotions and the moment.

It is worth noting that the capsule wardrobe does not include underwear, accessories and sports clothing. Of course, it is permissible to modify and supplement it depending on the season.

How to start creating a capsule wardrobe – 4 steps

1. A capsule wardrobe should start with tidying up the wardrobe. We leave clothes in it, in colors and cuts in which we present ourselves well, in other words, clothing in which we feel comfortable. This will tell us a lot about our style. It is important that the clothes we leave are also of good quality and that they can be easily combined into subsequent stylizations, both for work and leisure.

2. Being aware of our own style, we base our capsule wardrobe on it. Then we divide the clothes into the one we will wear in the warm months and the one that will serve us when it gets colder outside. Some of the clothes will probably turn out to be universal, regardless of the season. At the same time, the principle of minimalism should be observed and a maximum of 40 items of clothes and pairs of shoes in total should be selected for our wardrobe for a given season.

3. We start to create our capsule wardrobe. We can take pictures of imaginary stylizations and save them on the phone. At the beginning, it will be much easier for us to use our capsule wardrobe!

4. If we decide to buy to supplement our wardrobe, we should consciously choose clothes, remembering to buy good quality clothes, because quality, not quantity, matters in this case. Let’s also follow the rules of selecting clothing from the steps described above. A good rule is to decide to buy new clothes for our wardrobe when we get rid of one of them. Let’s keep in mind that the new thing should match at least a few styles.

What clothes should be in a capsule wardrobe?

We modify the capsule depending on the weather and season. Although some items of clothing can be used all year round.


For the fall-winter season, our wardrobe should include a coat, preferably thick wool, and jackets. One warm – down and the other on the so-called transitional period.

For spring and summer months, replace the warm coat with a light trench coat. Leave a transitional jacket in the wardrobe. We can attach a denim jacket to the outerwear.

Regardless of the season, we can have a leather jacket in our capsule wardrobe. If we like to wear it, we can easily combine it into many styles.

Jackets and coats

These can accompany us through all four seasons of the year, if we choose them from smooth materials, that is, non-binding as to the season (single or double-breasted). Choosing the colors: beige, black, navy blue, gray, we can easily create many sets with them. It’s good to have two jackets or jackets in the wardrobe.

Pants and skirts

Depending on how often we like to wear them, we select the number of pieces, a total of 5-6 pieces of one and the other type. If we wear skirts occasionally, because we usually only wear trousers, surely our wardrobe should have several pants made of different materials. Elegant fabric for work (preferably in classic colors) and two pairs of jeans in different shades. Jeans will stay in our wardrobe for more than one season.

We choose skirts just like pants, preferably in a classic color and style that we like to wear.

Blouses, shirts, T-shirts

Here, similarly to the above – we choose the number of both to the lifestyle and work. It is good to have 6-7 of them in total. If we wear shirts to work, it is worth having a few of them in your wardrobe. Classic white and blue will be perfect as usual. Blouses and T-shirts can be in base colors, which will make it easier to combine into stylizations. If we want a blouse or a T-shirt with a pattern, remember to think beforehand how many clothes from our wardrobe it will fit.

Sweaters and cardigans

In the wardrobe, cardigans and sweaters with a neckline, for example in the letter V, can be useful. It is best in solid colors, but we can also choose a fashionable pattern with horizontal stripes. Sweaters made of good quality cotton will pilling less. Depending on the season, a few sweaters should appear in our wardrobe.


Certainly, a “little black dress” should be permanently in our wardrobe. In spring and summer, we can choose airy dresses, with floral patterns, shirts or matching ones. For colder months, we can put warmer dresses, e.g. made of knitted fabrics, into the wardrobe.


5-6 pairs of shoes should cover our needs for a given season. When choosing the type of footwear, let’s take care of the variety. Heels or boots with thicker heels will surely work with dresses and skirts, depending on your preferences. Flat shoes, moccasins as well as sneakers and sneakers will be especially useful in styling for free time, after work. For colder months, we put insulated shoes in the wardrobe, which we change into light shoes in the summer.

At a time when everything seems difficult, we can make everyday life easier with practical solutions. One of them is the capsule wardrobe. A minimalist and tailored capsule will allow us to quickly create styles regardless of the season and occasion, without compromising our home budget every now and then.


Garderoba kapsułowa wiosna 2022 – pomożemy ci ją stworzyć!




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