Cantona wanted to return to Manchester United. He offered himself a key position. “I felt guilty”

Eric Cantona wanted to return to Manchester United. The French proposed his candidacy for the post of president in charge of football.

Cantona is one of the legends of Manchester United. He played in it from 1992 to 1997. The eccentric French ended his career as a 31-year-old.

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For years, Cantona has been watching the crisis of his former club from the outside. He claims that alone would be the best medicine for MU’s troubles.

– Last year, I proposed the club to change direction. Ed Woodward is great at marketing, but not football. Manchester United needs a president as well as marketing and football CEOs. I offered the club myself for this position. We met a few times but the club didn’t accept it Cantona said.

Manchester United should have someone for the position. It has to be someone who knows football. But they didn’t want me. They did not want! Fans need to know that I went to Manchester to give the club a chance to succeed in the decades to come. And they didn’t want me the Frenchman thundered.

Cantona claims he had the blessing of his former coach. He made contact with Sir Alex Ferguson.

– I met with him to tell him about my idea and get his opinion. He thought it was a good idea. I felt guilty for not helping the club. But they didn’t want me. Their choice Cantona summed up.

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