Call suppression microphone. Players deride the concept of Mutalk

Call suppression microphone.  Players deride the concept of Mutalk

Call suppression microphone. Players deride the concept of Mutalk

From individual editions of the CES technology fair, we receive reports on various devices that delight fans waiting for the premiere of modern equipment. Mutalk meets with definitely different reactions – Shiftall’s idea is compared to a can attached to the face or an erotic gadget.

Have you ever checked games in public places or with friends, when at some point you felt a lack of privacy? Mutalk, a proposal developed by Shiftall, a company controlled by Panasonic, is to ensure full comfort of conversations (including professional ones) and gaming in virtual reality. Users will be able to take advantage of the equipment when, for example, they are in a public space, playing with goggles and want to make sure that no one can hear their lively reactions.

“Having a conversation in a quiet office or in an open space such as a coffee shop can be annoying to those around you and can lead to information leakage. Also, when you’re in a voice chat in the Metaverse or online gaming, you often end up screaming when things get hot, but even in those situations, you don’t want to disturb your family or neighbors. Soundproof boxes are one way to solve the inconvenience, but there are price and space challenges. The soundproof “mutalk” Bluetooth microphone is an inexpensive and space-saving solution to this problem.

It sounds abstract, because Mutalk not only looks very specific, but its use seems to be negligible – hardly anyone uses VR goggles, for example … in the park. The equipment will not only mute the main interlocutor, but also ensure that the person receiving his messages will not hear noises from the outside. This will not interfere with the confidentiality of the conversation or the course of the game.

We will connect Mutalk to VR goggles (PC), Android and iOS devices. The microphone can run for up to eight hours on a single charge.

As indicated by the editors of Digital Trends, the debut of the unusual microphone will most likely take place in the summer, and its price will fluctuate around $ 200 (approx. PLN 866).

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