Budget for expenses without limits? They came in and they scare you

Cellfast Wilki was already making initial reconnaissance on the transfer market in May and June. At that time, however, the club from Krosno could not go into detail, because it was not known which league the team would go to.

Wilki Krosno have a lot of money for reinforcements?

The stars, who were then contacted by president Grzegorz Leśniak, only heard that Cellfast, the club’s titular sponsor, has an unlimited budget for expenses, and that large contracts of up to PLN 2 million are not the slightest problem.

Now is the time when Wolves, as an extraligger, put specific offers on the table. The people managing the club will do anything not to share the fate of Arged Malesa Ostrów. That is why the best, such as Tai Woffinden, Mikkel Michelsen or Maksym Drabik, are surveyed.

Ekstraliga’s favorite needs at least two buffs to replace the weakest links. Anyway, Tobiasz Musielak is leaving, so there is already one free place. The renewal of the contract with Mateusz Szczepaniak has not been announced, so we have a second free place.

Fast Versus. Zmarzlik has not yet said the last word/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

Lebedev and Milik stay. There are two vacancies

Andrzej Lebediev and Vaclav Milik will stay in Wilki for sure. Mateusz Świdnicki, who would be riding in the U-24 position, will most likely be contracted. Anyway, this particular purchase gives a lot of room for maneuver, because it means that you do not have to look for two Polish seniors. One is enough under the new regulations.

When we asked in Wilki, are you true that they mix the market so much, we heard that everyone in their shoes would act. However, they also added that information about an unlimited budget and a wide-ranging offensive is madness. Apparently it doesn’t look like it. However, in Krosno they are happy that such reports appear. They say it’s proof that rivals fear them.

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