Buda: There will be incentives to save energy instead of penalties

“We must approach Poles wisely. We cannot tell them how to change their behavior. Each of us has to think about how to try to save. Each of us is wondering where to save a little and this is important for the account, but also from the point of view of the situation we are in, said Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda in the Afternoon conversation at RMF FM. “Instead of penalties, there will be incentives to save energy,” he added.

“There are still a few solutions on the table, there is no decision on this yet. We have to save energy – if we were to pay extra for it, subsidize it, then also with this element of incentives to save” – ​​emphasized the guest of Marek Tejchman.

He stressed that there will be two rates for energy consumption.

“It is more of an incentive to keep the consumption level lower than before. What Jarosław Kaczyński mentioned – up to a certain level of consumption, this energy will be kept at some price, above – will be slightly more expensive, taking into account the average household “- he said.

What does “average household consumption” mean?

“There is a calculated parameter. I do not remember this scale now. Such a standard that everyone pays a lower, preferential rate more or less to this level, it does not mean that the same, but preferential rate. Higher – these costs would be slightly higher” – added the minister.

When will there be a known solution? “It is being worked out, above all, the Ministry of Climate is working on such solutions, because it is responsible for the energy market. I think that this has to be decided before the typical heating season, so I think it is the near future” – he emphasized.

Marek Tejchman also asked his guest why Poland did not want to agree to the EU regulation on energy consumption. “There is a mixture of different instruments here. There are energy market instruments that are regulated by the European Union and the EU should take care of this. And how we will save, every country, de facto Kowalski and entrepreneur, should decide about it. at the European level, deal with who is supposed to save in Poland, Romania, Spain. This is not a harmonized issue within the EU, so we should not enter such segments and say how, for example, a Spaniard should behave, “he said.

“The situation of individual countries is different, so we should decide ourselves how much we will save” – ​​he added.

Minister Buda also talked about the support mechanisms for energy-intensive entrepreneurs.

“There are several billion, approx. PLN 5 billion on the table, the largest enterprises, i.e. those that are energy-intensive in this European definition, will receive aid of EUR 2 million of the basic one. With the loss they show, they may even be up to EUR 25 million” – he said.

If someone has a loss greater than EUR 25 million, they will not get more. “The level of calculation and the calculation mechanism result from European documents. We are not able to interfere in it here. There are two levels of support” – he emphasized.

“Secondly – we have to fit into the budget we have. Therefore, we cannot offer the steel mill several million zlotys, but this aid must be reasonably large in relation to the entities, so that it is significant enough to continue its The business and part of the raise (the entrepreneur) took on himself. So 250-300 of the largest entities that employ hundreds of thousands of workers – this is not without significance for the economy “- added Marek Tejchman’s guest.

In the online part of the conversation, Marek Tejchman asked the head of the Ministry of Development about the government project of the so-called the wind farm act, which is to facilitate the construction of wind farms. The draft was submitted to the Sejm in mid-July, but work on it has not yet started. “I assume that this project will soon be processed in the Sejm,” said Buda.

When asked about the reasons for the delay in the work, the minister emphasized that priority in the Sejm was given to bills relating to the situation related to the war in Ukraine. “(There is) a carbon additive, an addition to other energy sources” – indicated the politician.

He also argued that during the PiS rule there was a “revolution” in the development of photovoltaics. “When it comes to offshore (wind farms – editor’s note), the works are very advanced, mainly for Orlen, but also for PGE. These are not processes that can be implemented (ed.) In a year or two, but plans what we have in the offshore area in the Baltic Sea are really impressive “” – assessed Buda.

“Today we have issued technical conditions for energy, which would be in the energy mix at the level of 52 percent from RES (…) Spain has 60 percent of renewable energy, we will have 52 percent in a few years, i.e. without even comparing the climatic conditions and geographic location , we will be a power here “- noted the head of MRiT.

Waldemar Buda was also asked about the ongoing negotiations in the EU regarding solutions to lower gas prices. The politician recalled that the government of Mateusz Morawiecki is in favor of either suspending the EU carbon dioxide emissions trading system or freezing the price for CO2 emissions at EUR 32 for a period of two years.

“We care a lot about ETS, because it generates a lot of prices” – explained the Minister of Development and Technology.

Waldemar Buda also announced that it was his ministry that was working on the program concerning cheap loans for young people announced last weekend by PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. “We have it calculated, it needs to be done (…) The whole mechanism is that for loans above 2 percent, but the interest rate itself plus the margin, the state fund operated by BGK would pay extra. We have already practiced this structure, it is it is possible “- argued the minister.

He added that the beneficiaries of this program would be young people who want to buy their first apartment. The minister expressed his hope that his government would present a draft on this matter in September. “For my part, the ministries of development, we are ready” – assured Buda.

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