Brooke Shields was raped. A dramatic account of what happened

Brooke Shields was raped.  A dramatic account of what happened

Brooke Shields was raped. A dramatic account of what happened

Career Brooke Shields started… 48 years ago. At the age of 9, she made her TV movie debut opposite Faye Dunaway and Christopher Plummer. She became famous for her role in the 1980 film The Blue Lagoon. This melodrama about teenage shipwrecks on a desert island did not meet with the kindness of critics, but the audience liked it very much. Two years earlier, she played the role of Violet, an underage prostitute, entangled in an affair with a photographer in the controversial drama “Little Girl”. Already as an adult, Brooke Shields said that she was one of the most sexualized teenagers in the world. Now the premiere of the documentary “Pretty Baby”, in which the actress confessed that she was raped.

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Brooke Shields was raped

The traumatic situation for Brooke Shields occurred when she graduated from Princeton and was trying to find a job. It was not easy for her, despite her previous successes in the world of film and advertising. She finally made an appointment with a man she was supposed to talk to about a possible engagement. Suddenly, the meeting took an unexpected shape.

The door opened and this person walked in naked” – Brooke Shields tells. The actress was attacked and was unable to fight the man. She was afraid that her resistance would provoke him to even more violence.

“God knows I knew what it was like to be detached from my body. I experienced it… I took the elevator, hailed a taxi, and I cried all the way home” – he confesses.

Brooke Shields stressed that for a long time she did not want to call what happened rape and blamed herself. Years later, she wrote a letter to the rapist in which she distanced herself from this situation. She also stated that no one could count on help.

she concluded bitterly.

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