“Broad Peak” on Netflix. This amazing story could be told better

First, all of Poland lived this spectacle, death in the mountains, which was basically reported in the media, and then many people, even not necessarily interested in the mountains before, were looking for an answer to the question: “Why?”. Many people remember that story very well now. Therefore, Leszek Dawid’s film “Broad Peak”, which today appears on Netflix (you can also see it in cinemas), will surely be watched by a lot of people. Did the creators use the potential of this story? I have my doubts.

The action begins in Karakoram in 1988. We are on a Polish expedition that planned to make the first winter ascent to K2. Climbers, however, cannot cope with extremely difficult conditions, it is already known that they will not climb the second highest mountain in the world. Then one of them, Alexander Lvov, comes up with a crazy, it seems, idea. He wants to attack the nearby Broad Peak, which also did not have its first winter ascent at the time, is lower and has more humane weather conditions. He is joined by Maciej Berbeka, then one of the best Polish climbers. The leader of the expedition, Andrzej Zawada, agrees. They go up. The summit attack begins that will change Berbeka’s life forever.

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