British pedophile hunters filmed a shot of a 55-year-old. Suddenly he cut his throat

British pedophile hunters confronted a 55-year-old suspected of grooming a child under the age of 14 on Friday, August 26. When they caught up with a man at the police station in LiverpoolHe reached into the car, took out a knife and cut his throat with it. The action of pedophile hunters was broadcast on Facebook Live.

The man was hospitalized with severe throat injuries, and the recording of the incident was removed from Facebook.

A 55-year-old man, who is originally from Kirkby, was later arrested on suspicion of seducing a child under the age of 14 and possessing a sharp object.

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Merseyside Territorial Police confirmed the incident on Facebook. At around 5pm, officers were involved in an incident near Kirkby Police Station, where the officers reported, where the man was arrested.

The man was hospitalized with severe throat injuries after the incident and remains stable informed the police, as officers added, the investigation is ongoing, and at the scene, officers interviewed witnesses and analyze CCTV footage.

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Source:, Police

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