British intelligence: Ukraine steps up its offensive, but Russia is defending itself better than before

“Ukraine has increased its strength in recent days offensive actions in the northeast of the country. Troops are making slow progress on at least two axes east of the river line Osskoł and Donetswhere they strengthened after an earlier attack at the beginning of the month. Russia is defending more firmly than before, possibly because the Ukrainian offensive is now threatening parts of the Luhansk Oblast as the vote in the referendum on joining the Russian Federation “- it was written in the daily intelligence update.

Heavy fights near Kherson

“Heavy fighting continues in the area as well Chersoniawhere Russian forces are on the right bank Dnieper remain vulnerable. Russia continues its efforts to move in the direction Bakhmut in Donbas, even though it is under heavy pressure on its northern and southern flanks. This is probably due to political pressure as Russia is using forces that could otherwise strengthen the other flanks, “he added.

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