British intelligence: bridge important to Russians over the Dnieper destroyed

It is a pontoon bridge across the Dnieper River in Darivka, which is important from the point of view of Russia’s ability to strengthen its forces in the Kherson Oblast.

“In the Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian brigades continue their offensive operations. Ukraine probably destroyed the military pontoon bridge in Darivka, which the Russians built after a nearby road bridge was badly damaged. The Darivka crossing is one of the main routes between the northern and southern sectors of the Russian military presence along the Dnieper River. Ukraine’s systematic precise targeting at key crossing points is likely to continue to put pressure on Russian forces as they try to contain Ukrainian attacks: it slows down their ability to deploy operational reserves and replenish supplies from the east, “the daily intelligence update wrote.

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The military situation in the south of Ukraine is “quite dynamic, but under the control” of Ukrainian forces that have attacked Russian logistic nodes and command points in recent days, Ukrinform reported on Thursday, citing the Ukrainian operational command South.

Interestingly, the involvement of Russia in the south was used by the Ukrainians in the east to launch a “highly effective” counteroffensive near Izium in the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine, estimates the US Institute for War Studies (ISW).

Russian troops in this area were most likely weakened due to previous movements aimed at occupying the Donetsk oblast and supporting the defense against Ukrainian attacks in the Kherson oblast in the south of the country, emphasizes the ISW.

Ukrainian forces took advantage of the enemy’s tactical surprise and on Wednesday advanced at least 20 kilometers deep into Russian-controlled territory in the Kharkiv region, taking about 400 square kilometers of land from invaders, the think tank report said.

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