Britain gets rid of the Queen Elizabeth II mark. This is what the symbol of King Charles III looks like

Britain is slowly getting used to the new reality. The country she was the head of for 70 years Queen Elizabeth IIthey are waiting quite a lot changes. Soon, the image of the new ruler will appear on the banknotes, and the emblems Charles III will be visible in the public space. We know what coat of arms will be used by the son of the deceased monarch.

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King Charles III and his siblings took part in the “vigil of children” at the coffin of Elizabeth II – first in Edinburgh, then in London

King Charles III’s coat of arms revealed. What do the symbols on the emblem mean?

The world was presented with the model of the emblem that will be in force during the reign of the king Charles III. In the center is the royal crown with the initials of the new ruler underneath it. The letter “C” refers to the name Charles, and “R” comes from the Latin word Rex, meaning king. Inside the letters there is also the Roman number “III”.

The emblem of King Charles III will soon appear on public buildings, state documents, but also on police helmets and traditional mailboxes. Queen’s coats of arms Elizabeth II will gradually disappear from the public space.

The design of the new symbol is the responsibility of members of the College of Arms, a British formation of royal advisers founded in the 15th century. Experts designed several coats of arms, one of which was approved by the monarch.

The British still face many challenges related to the adaptation of the country to the current situation. The largest of these will probably be the withdrawal from circulation of banknotes with the image of the queen.

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