Brilliant match, brilliant emotions. Poland in Stalowa Wola defeated Portugal

Brilliant match, brilliant emotions. Poland in Stalowa Wola defeated Portugal

It was a dream match, the kind you always want to watch. Young Poles easily, gracefully, and without any special effort defeated the Portuguese. The PCPN stadium in Stalowa Wola was boiling with emotions.

Great atmosphere, great fans, beautiful cheering from the stands. The match was played on September 27 at Hutnicza. We haven’t had such a match yet. The added tribune could accommodate more fans than usual. The match was broadcast by TVP Sport, so you could also watch the struggles of our young footballers from home. Our facility was praised, the organization and atmosphere were praised, because this is what every match should look like. And it was sport, family and on a level.

Our boys started with a bang, because the first goal, thanks to Jan Biegański, fell very quickly. The joy was amazing, albeit short, because the guests immediately started making up for the losses. Rodrigo Gomes passed the Polish defender and defeated Mikołaj Biegański. So we quickly got 1: 1. At this point, we should praise our goalkeeper, who defended brilliantly throughout the game, not allowing the Portuguese to put the ball in the goal more than once. And there were several occasions for this. The temporary draw was really temporary. It was boiling on the pitch, and the players representing Poland quickly recovered. Because Marcel Wędrychowski on the right handed Adam Buksa, who played to Kacper Karasek, who slightly tossed the ball over the goalkeeper and increased the result of the match in our favor. Then Kacper Kasperowicz, after a corner kick made by Biegański, made us see 3: 1 on the scoreboard. And maybe there were more opportunities for the Portuguese to have more reasons to be dissatisfied, but we went down to the dressing room happy after the break. Happiness on that day has not left us anymore.

The other half is playing cat and mouse. More time was spent on half of the Poles. The Portuguese tried to score, but it was no longer possible. Nothing has changed in the results. Ours focused on defense, there was no such dynamics of the game as in the first half, but in the final phase what mattered was the result and we fought for it from the beginning. The white and reds were where they should be, they won duels and prevented dangerous situations from happening. The Portuguese did not take advantage of any of the opportunities. But for us there was also a chance for another goal. Unfortunately, Jakub Szymański’s shot was saved by the visitors’ goalkeeper. In the 82nd minute, Aleksander Buksa’s shot was slightly off target. After the final whistle, however, we were happy to win. And that was it!

U-20: Poland – Portugal 3: 1

PCPN Stadium at Hutnicza Street in Stalowa Wola, 3:15 pm

Goals: Jan Biegański 10, Kacper Karasek 24, Kacper Kasperowicz 35 – Rodrigo Gomes 12

Yellow cards: Jakub Witek – Veiga, Flavio Nazinho, Pedro Santos, Joao Tome, Rodrigues, Djala.

Viewers: 4282.

Poland: Mikołaj Biegański (46 Kacper Bieszczad) – Antoni Klimek (90 Bartosz Bernard), Jakub Szymański, Maksymilian Tkocz, Kacper Kasperowicz, Kelechukwu Ibe-Torti (20 Bartosz Talar) – Marcel Wędrychowski (71 Kacper Sezonienko), Jakub Witek (46 Tomasz Neugebauer) , Jan Biegański, Kacper Karasek (86 Lucjan Klisiewicz) – Aleksander Buksa.

Portugal: Joao Carvalho – Joao Tome (74 Martim Ferreira), Jose Muller, Gabriel Rodrigues, Flavio Nazinho (62 Guilherme Montoia) – Diogo Cabral (62 Matchoi Djalo), Pedro Santos (61 Joelson Fernandes), Renato Veiga (89 Gustavo Mendonca), Martim Neto (74 Luis Semedo), Rodrigo Gomes (89 Ricardo Marques) – Martim Tavares.

Judge: Jacek Małyszek

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