“Breaking Bad” in a completely new version? It could be a hit!

Studio Epic Games every few weeks it establishes new cooperation with large entities. We are currently witnessing the events of the famous animated series “Dragon Ball“, as part of which we can perform tasks and players received two new weapons for the equipment. However, it is not always as big as it is now. For example, a few years ago in the game a skin depicting John Wick, played by the famous Keanu Reeves.

In the universe Fortnite‘and we also saw Mike Lowrey of the film “Bad Boys“, where he played the main role himself Will Smith. The American studio is still looking for ideas for new collaborations. There was a lot of talk about the rapper “Eminem“would appear on the map, and also about the fact that the saga”Lord of the Rings“she could somehow connect to Fortnite, which wouldn’t be that hard to imagine.

A poll was recently published where voters could choose more characters for crossovers. The leading position was taken by a charismatic hero from the Breaking Bad and spin-off universe – Better Call Saul. The other suggestions are also interesting.

The first place was taken by Gustavo Fring – a charismatic hero from “Breaking Bad“and” Better Call Saul. “The character played by Giancarlo Esposito officially ran fast-food restaurants, and the main part of her business was crime. A few days ago the last episode of Better Call Saul saw the light of day, which at the same time closed the universe related to Walter White ‘ m. That is why the popularity of Fring’s character is so popular nowadays.

It should also be mentioned that Esposito himself played the role of the dictator and the main antagonist of the game Far Cry 6 and it got very very good marks. Therefore, the presence of the actor in Fortnite: Battle Royale it doesn’t have to be so unreal. Other suggestions from players also seem very interesting. Among them there are such crossover titles as: Power Rangers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Miles Morales (Spider-Man), or Black Adam from the universe DC Comics.

So there is a lot to choose from. Breaking Bad fans obviously hope that Fring will be selected for the next collaboration. We will have to wait a little longer for the decision to be made.

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