Breakdown at mBank. “Sorry for the inconvenience”

On Monday afternoon, there are difficulties in accessing some of the services at mBank. “You won’t pay with Blik for now,” informed the bank’s representatives.

mBank informed about difficulties in the entry in social media. “You will not pay with Blik for now. You can pay for it with your card without any problems” – we read in the post on Twitter.

At the same time, representatives of the bank assured that they are working on restoring the service. “Please be patient. Sorry for the inconvenience!” – added.

The information available on the website of Downdetector, which collects information about problems sent by internet users, shows that the failure at mBank started on Monday after 10.00 am. It was then that the number of reports of difficulties began to increase.

Payment by Blik

Payment using the Blik system consists in generating one-time 6-digit codes, valid for a limited time. These codes are entered into the payment terminal and the transaction is authorized by the bank on their basis. Last year, the process of launching Blik contactless payments began, according to this method, after unblocking, it is enough to bring the phone closer to the payment terminal.

As part of the Blik system, we can also send money to a telephone number. In order to receive a transfer to the phone, it is necessary to have a banking application and a registered phone in the Blik service.

The operator of the Blik mobile payment system is the company Polski Standard Płatności.

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