“Boss, steward, guru” doesn’t care? Damian Janikowski disappointed with the words of Maciej Kawulski: “Martin is my boss and manages my person, not him”

Damian Janikowski spoke about the Saturday statements of Maciej Kawulski, who did not spare him criticism.

Co-owner KSW Maciej Kawulski he was not satisfied with the behavior Damian Janikowski after losing by him by questionable submission to the fight against Tom Breese during the Saturday gala KSW 73 in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

In the same evening, Artur Mazur z WP Sportowe Fakty During the interview, the promoter subjected the competitor to severe criticism for his statements in the cage.

– First of all, it’s not me to judge only by the judge – Kawulski said then about the cessation of the fight. – The judge was closer, he saw the face, he saw what was happening there and he had the right to judge the situation in his own way. And the judge is always left with this law.

– Secondly, I think that Damian did not quite know what he did, because both “Ok” and a pat. When you are lying on your back and you are in the situation you are in, you do not pat your opponent on the back, but if you pat, think about how it can be perceived.

– There was a conversation between them. As Damian explained the order of the taps, cheers, etc., is debatable, and it is certainly indisputable that in a serious organization you do not say to the public that “you should boo the judge”. You just don’t do that. This is an athlete with a history in Olympic sports and that is what he should be ashamed of.

– I think that this conversation with Tomek Bronder could have been so unclear that Tomek had the right to make such a decision. I’m a bit angry for this media behavior, trying to explain it in the ring. This is a sport, you have to be able to behave until the end, you have to be able to lose.

Damian Janikowski was asked about these statements by Maciej Kawulski in the latest interview he gave to Jarosław Świątkowy from MyMMA.pl.

– I also did not expect – the Wrocław citizen admitted. – Normally, as a man, I politely wrote back, marking him on Facebook – that I was very surprised by his words.

– I think that this was also done by the emotions and words I said towards the main referee, to the fans. I think he also defends his judge and that was hot too, fresh.

– I hope that he just, I don’t know, if it interested him and he didn’t ignore this topic and he didn’t give a shit, he listened to me in an interview, read what I wrote, he watched a repetition of this fight several times from different sides of the camera and maybe he will change his mind.

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– Although I doubt it, because it is also, you know, a down-to-earth man. Of course it is, the boss of the company, the steward, you know what’s going on. So such guru. So he probably doesn’t care. It is just that Mr. Janikowski has gone mad and this is maybe his opinion and he is still not interested in it. So much. I’m just so sorry.

– As you can see, Martin Lewandowski is a different person. He hasn’t even made any reference to it yet. I think he would like to hear many pages – the opinions of the judges, the opinions of the coaches, the opinions of the players, the opinions of the athletes who know the sport. And maybe then he will somehow respond to it.

– But what? After the birds, it is after the apples.

When asked on Saturday about the potential immediate rematch between the Pole and the British – both players in the cage agreed – Maciej Kawulski referred to the subject with some reserve.

– I am neither against this rematch, nor am I some super big fan for it to happen immediately, because I don’t think that there is anything else that can change in this fight – Kawulski said then.

What does an Olympian say to that?

– First of all, the fight was fun – He said. – Nobody has shown referee cards yet, but the coaches assured me that the first round was for me, so you could say that I won this fight. How it would end, no one knows. I might have won by knockout, I might have lost by knockout, I might have lost by otherwise, by normal, real, buckled, tight submission. I would go to sleep.

– But he just said that. I know that the decision has not been made, that there will be no rematch and I think that Martin Lewandowski will have the most say here. You could say that he is my employer, he is my boss and manages my person. Not Maciej Kawulski.

Damian Janikowski hopes that there will be a rematch this year, preferably in December.

Full interview below.

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