Boniek boasted a unique photo. His entry is a sensation on the web

Zbigniew Boniek and his wife Wiesława they said to themselves the sacramental “yes” over 46 years ago. However, they met even earlier, already in high school. After so many years of acquaintance, the former president of the Polish Football Association continues to show at every step that his love for his beloved has not diminished at all. The 66-year-old proved it, among others during this year’s wedding anniversary, for the first time in many years Polish national team missed the matchto spend a romantic day with my wife. Now Boniek decided to surprise his other half and arranged for them to go out together.

Young Footballer Academy. The Get to know Poland in sport program has started. Video/Zbigniew Czyż/INTERIA.TV

Romantic photo of Zbigniew Bonek and his wife. This is how they spent Saturday night

Some time ago Boniek had to explain himself sharply. It was, of course, about the 66-year-old’s Twitter entries in which he called his beloved “Fat”. As it turned out, the couple has been affectionately calling each other for years, and the fans quickly picked it up unusual pseudonym of Mrs. Wiesława.

On Saturday evening, Boniek shared another photo. As it turned out, an outstanding footballer took his observers … on a date with his wife. “For women’s health, for health …” – he wrote on Twitter. The post of UEFA’s vice-president was immediately filled with comments. “Greetings to Fat”, “To health!”, “Health to you and your wife, you look beautiful” – Internet users wrote. Romantic photography fast made a sensation on the Internet and collected over 1.6 thousand. likes.

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