Boeing 747, jumbo jet – last plane delivery

Boeing 747, jumbo jet – last plane delivery

The last Boeing 747 produced will be delivered to its new owner on Tuesday. The machine will be used to transport goods. Known as the jumbo jet and the “Queen of Heaven”, the 747 entered the market in 1969 and revolutionized long-haul air travel. A total of 1,574 were produced.

On Tuesday, the aircraft will be handed over to the American airline Atlas Air. The event scheduled for 22 Polish time at the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington, will be broadcast live on the Internet. This is a moment long awaited by aviation enthusiasts who have followed every step of the construction of the last 747. Boeing has announced that it will cease production of this aircraft in July 2020.

The jumbo jet is probably the most famous and popular airplane produced by Boeing. It was designed in 28 months. It was able to carry much more passengers (from 366 to even 660 people) than competing aircraft, airlines could offer cheaper tickets, which resulted in mass tourist traffic. This plane was said to have “shrunk the world”.

A dying species

More than half a century after appearing on the engineers’ drawing boards, however, the B747 is becoming a dying breed. The plane that is an aviation legend no longer has a future. The aviation market has changed significantly in over 50 years and the 747 is no longer suited to it. Airlines are now opting for smaller and more economical planes.

It used to be chosen by rich and influential people, and even by royal families. He has appeared in many films, including the classic z James Bond from 1973 “Live and Let Die”. It was used to transport space shuttles. It continues to serve as Air Force One, and two already assembled aircraft are currently in the process of being turned into the next generation of presidential jets.

The jumbo jet is currently only slightly used as a passenger aircraft. The last such model entered service five years ago. Its four engines consume too much fuel. According to aviation analytics firm Cirium, 44 passenger jumbo jets are still in service. Most of them (19) are operated by Lufthansa.

Boeing handed over the first passenger B747s in December 1969 to two now defunct airlines – TWA and Pan Am. Delta Air Lines was the last US airline to still fly jumbo jets in 2017.

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