Bloodborne on PC can be created “at any moment”? Sony has a prepared build

There are constantly rumors about the new version of Bloodborne. The situation of the game was again commented on by Lance McDonald, who confirmed that Sony had a build years ago that worked without any problems on PC.

Jeff Grubb has spoken about Bloodborne in recent days. According to a well-known journalist – the refreshed version is not being created, because From Software deals with the development of Elden Ring and, in addition, the authors of the new version of the game would have to face technical problems.

The situation was commented on by Lance McDonald, who, as we know, has good access to From Software employees and even prepared a patch for Bloodborne on PS4 – it is thanks to his project that some players could see the title in 60 frames.

Insider confirmed that Bloodborne can actually make its debut on PC and in his opinion, Sony can do this port or remaster at any time. Lance McDonald even mentioned that saw the PC version:

“I don’t know where the idea that” the FROMSOFTWARE engine is messy, complicated code is still popping up “. That’s not true, and there are literally no technological barriers between Bloodborne and the port / re-edition for PC / 60fps PS5. Sony can do this at any time without FROM support.

“The patch for 60fps for the PS4 version is 2 lines of code that need to be changed. Japan Studio had a build of the game that was running on Windows 7 when they shut down, and Sony likely still has that build in its archives, as well as all the sources for it. I saw it”.

According to McDonald, it is very likely that work on the future Bloodborne project is currently underway – but it is difficult to say whether it will be a PC port, a PC remaster, or even a remake or sequel.

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