“Blonde” – the truth was shown in the movie about Marylin Monroe. The abortion industry is furious

A new movie about Marilyn Monroe called The Blonde directed by Andrew Dominik did not like Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant was outraged by the way the unborn child was depicted in The Blonde, as well as “abortion and its traumatic impact on women,” writes Mary Zwicker on the Life Site News portal. According to Planned Parenthood, the vision from the film is “inaccurate”.

“As film and television shape many people’s understanding of sexual and reproductive health, it is critical that you accurately portray a woman’s true decisions and experiences,” Planned Parenthood commented on the film Blonde in an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”. According to Planned Parenthood, “abortion is safe, basic health care,” while “anti-abortion fanatics have long contributed to the stigmatization of abortion by using medically inaccurate descriptions of embryos and pregnancy.”

The abortion giant said Andrew Dominik’s film “strengthens” the message of life defenders by showing, through computer animation, “a talking embryo, presented to appear like a fully formed child.”

As Zwicker reports, Blonde presenting Monroe’s life, it also tells about her three pregnancies and the loss of three unborn children as a result of an abortion or miscarriage. With the help of computer animation, the film “clearly shows the child at different stages” of development. The moment of the abortion is shown from the perspective of the unborn child.

In the film, Monroe is initially happy to be pregnant, but decides to kill her first unborn child for fear that she has inherited her mother’s mental illness. Nevertheless, on the way to the clinic, he wants to turn back, having changed his mind. She is eventually forced to have an abortion first by the driver who continues to drive, and then by the abortionist who drug her with the tranquilizer.

The film shows the negative impact of abortion on Monroe, and Monroe states that she “loves children.” When she is second pregnant, viewers are presented with an imaginary conversation between her and her baby, who asks her not to kill him: “You’re not going to hurt me this time, are you? Or what you did recently? ” To which Monroe replies, “I didn’t. I wasn’t going to, “he hears in response,” Yes, you were going to. It was your decision. However, Monroe’s second child is also traumatized by a miscarriage after a fall.

The third time in the film, Monroe, “mentally unstable and possibly intoxicated”, is aborted again and seems to be again against her will. Here, too, the moment of killing an unborn child is shown from his perspective.