Blackmail and extortion when Qatar won the World Cup. Confused president of PSG. Intensive investigation by the French police

The president of Paris Saint-Germain, Qatar Nasser Al-Khelaifi, was to blackmail and forcefully influence Qatar to organize the FIFA 2022 World Cup, informed the French daily Liberation. Another daily, Le Parisien, reported that the French judiciary is also investigating three people accused of money laundering for PSG. All three were referred to a Paris court for hearing in a case opened in 2021.

An investigation published in today’s Liberation has implicated the president of PSG Al-Khelaifi in an alleged scandal involving blackmail and secret deals to prevent the leakage of Qatar state secrets. The article explains that a French-Algerian businessman known as Tayeb B., living in Qatar with his wife and children, was arrested and imprisoned in poor conditions on January 13, 2020 because he was in possession of documents that compromised Al-Khelaifi . He was released only nine months later after the digital files were handed over.

Liberation revealed that he spoke to the businessman’s lawyers – but not Tayeb B. himself – who pointed out that some documents would allegedly lend credence to the claim that the 2022 World Cup was corrupted. The second batch of evidence includes allegedly hidden work documents, and the last batch concerns Al-Khelaifi’s private life in Paris.

Among the statements in the article were that Tayeb B. had received death threats and was forced to stand for hours during questioning and was only allowed to sit down if his responses were deemed satisfactory.


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