Black forecasts of the head of InPost. “We will face a gigantic crisis”

Although the latest data from the economy breathed some optimism into analysts, according to RafaƂ Brzoska, the creator of InPost, the worst is yet to come. He shared his predictions with the portal

“Looking through the prism of not only the Polish economy, but also the European or world economy, we will face a gigantic crisis. One which – in my opinion – the world economy has not yet experienced. Will be stagflationwhich is the most undesirable economic effect – high inflation and no GDP growth, “said the businessman.

“There are also disturbed supply chains, which we can already see today in many areas of the economy. Construction, the sale of household appliances and furniture are industries that show us that we are really at the beginning of the crisis. Added to this is high inflation and energy problems. This accumulation of negative events has not been described in the books I have read. This shows that the economy is on the brink, “he added.

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