Bitcoin and a company better than stocks. XRP on the wave because of the process

Bitcoin, which previously lost up to 4 percent. in New York, it exceeded the mark by 2 percent. to the level of 19.291 thousand dollars.

In turn, ether, Bitcoin’s biggest rival, 20 percent. diving caused by upgrading rebounded by 1.5 percent.

– Last night, the BTC / USD exchange rate hit a long low again at around 18,200,000. dollars. There were some short positions that got trapped and started to be liquidated, Joshua Lim, former head of derivatives at Genesis Trading, explained yesterday to Bloomberg.

As much as 20 percent the cryptocurrency XRP gained in New York on Thursday. This was due to a lawsuit against Ripple Lab, an issuer of XRP, brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Many investors are betting on a positive outcome, because the Chamber of Digital Commerce will participate in it on a friendly footing.

During the week, the XRP price jumped by 40 percent, which reduced this year’s loss of this token to 40 percent.

The SEC vs. Ripple Lab case has a two-year history. In 2020, the US securities market supervisor found that Ripple Lab executives had sold XRP worth $ 1.30 billion as unregistered securities.

A court can rule on whether XRP is a security, with serious implications for the digital currency industry as a whole.

If the SEC decides to do so, it will be able to take legal action against participants in similar transactions as the one carried out by the heads of Ripple Lab.

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