“Bild” beats the German “experts” on Russia. Writes about “embarrassing opinions”

The political goal of the experts is, according to the newspaper, “to prevent the supply of German weapons to Ukraine, so as not to provoke the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, and Ukraine illusory hopes. “However,” thanks to a powerful counter-offensive, the Ukrainian army is showing emphatically: it is able to drive Russian invaders out of much of its country with Western weapons and free hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians from Russian occupation. “

“The most blatant statements”

“Bild” resembles the most blatant statements of “self-proclaimed experts on Russia”. Angela’s former advisor Merkel and retired general of the Bundeswehr Erich Vad stated a month after Russia’s attack on Ukraine that the delivery of combat tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine is militarily senseless. For Vad, the matter was clear: I think Putin will win this war because the Russian armed forces are modern, well-equipped, have multiple advantages …

Political scientist Johannes Varwick of the University of Halle-Wittenberg on March 22 stated that Russia it is capable of further military escalation, which will end in the collapse of the Ukrainian government. Varwick was concerned that the West had not left Ukraine. Two days after the Russian attack, the professor explained: It had to be said more clearly: you are on your own – reminds “Bild”.

Best-selling author Richard David Prechtwho is also strictly opposed to German arms deliveries to Ukraine, even indirectly called on the country to surrender. On March 11, Precht stated: Of course, Ukraine does law for self-defense, but he also has a duty of common sense to know when he will give upĆ In April, as many as 28 celebrities joined forces and wrote an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz – reminds the newspaper. Their most important demand: Germany should “neither directly nor indirectly … provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons.”

“After 200 days of war, it is clear: Vad, Varwick, Precht and the company were in a colossal mistake, “writes” Bild “.” Russia’s attack on the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, ended in failure. In an impressive counteroffensive army In recent days, Ukraine has managed to displace Russians from numerous towns and villages – also thanks to Western arms supplies. “

Self-proclaimed experts are not alone – their positions are also supported by well-known politicians, the newspaper notes. At the forefront is Prime Minister Saxony Michael Kretschmerwhich has already called on several occasions to freeze the war and start negotiations with the Kremlin. On Markus Lanza’s TV show, Kretschmer said “this war must be frozen”, a ceasefire and negotiations are needed to end it.

From Berlin, Berenika Lemańczyk

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