Big TV setback. Zelenskiy never said these words

“Our translation of the interview with President Zelensky suggests that the NASAMS have been delivered. They have not been delivered. We apologize for the misinterpretation. According to the Pentagon, the date of the first NASAMS delivery is still in about two months,” the TV wrote on Twitter.

In the original recording of Sunday’s interview, Zelensky’s statement was translated as follows: “I want to thank President Biden for the positive decision he has already made and to Congress: we have received NASAMS.”

Last week, the Pentagon spokesman, General Patrick Ryder, said that the delivery of the first two of the six systems – announced at the end of June – will take place in about two months. Another four will be delivered at a much later date because the systems have not yet been manufactured.

NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is an American-Norwegian medium-range system capable of defending cities, including against cruise missiles. In the USA, it is used to defend Washington.

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