Biden: Russia wants to erase Ukraine from the world map. We will support Kyiv

“The US is in favor of an end to this war, but on fair terms; we will continue to support Ukraine, “said the US president at the UN General Assembly. Joe Biden added that “Russia wants to wipe its sovereign neighbor off the map” and announced that Ukraine will receive a new US $ 2.9 billion humanitarian and food aid package.

Russia’s intention in the war against Ukraine is to erase it from the map of the world, and its stake is the right of Ukrainians to exist as a nation, says US President Joe Biden in his speech to the UN General Assembly in New York.

Let’s be clear: a permanent member of the UN Security Council has invaded its neighbor in an attempt to wipe a sovereign state from the map of the world said Biden. As he added, both Putin’s words and the crimes discovered, including the recent mass graves in Izium, testify to Russia’s intentions in this war.

This war is to destroy Ukraine’s right to exist as a state and to exist as a nation. Wherever you live, whatever you believe should chill the blood in your veins the US president announced.

Biden also stated that Russia should be held accountable for war crimes. Imperial ambitions cannot be pursued without consequences, because then we risk everything that the United Nations represents – he will emphasize.

As recently as today, President Putin launched nuclear threats against Europe, in gross contempt for the responsibility of a non-proliferation regime (nuclear weapons) Biden said, referring to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

As he added, Russia is defeating the key principles of this treaty.

Nobody can win a nuclear war, and it can never happen Biden said.

He also referred to the partial mobilization announced by Russia and planned pseudo-referenda in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

The Kremlin holds fictitious referenda to annex parts of Ukraine, an extremely serious violation of the United Nations Charter, and the world should consider this a scandalous act the president said.

Speaking about the pseudo-referenda planned by Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine, he said that this was “an extremely significant violation of the United Nations Charter”.

Biden stressed that the US is in favor of an end to the war in Ukraine, but only on fair terms. On conditions to which we have all committed ourselves: that the territory of another country cannot be taken by force. The only country that stands in the way of this is Russia said Biden.

He announced that the US would continue to support Ukraine so that it could defend itself, and called on all UN member states to oppose Russia’s attempt to overturn the international order based on the principles of the UN Charter, which, he recalled, was signed not only by democracies.

Biden also spoke in favor of a “more inclusive” UN, as well as increasing the number of permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council and limiting the right of veto.

Speaking of the food crisis triggered by the Russian invasion, Biden announced a new $ 2.9 billion humanitarian and food aid package, on top of the 6.9 billion previously declared. According to the White House, the money is intended to “save lives through crisis interventions and investment in medium to long-term food aid” for the world’s most vulnerable regions, especially the Horn of Africa.

Biden also referred to the rivalry with China, saying that the US “is not looking for a conflict or cold war” with Beijing and does not require other countries to take sides. Nevertheless, the US will “promote a vision of a free, open and secure world,” he added.

The president emphasized that the development and investment model offered by the US and the G7, which is an alternative to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, aims to “not dependency, but self-sufficiency.”

Biden also criticized China’s attitude towards the fight against climate change and its withdrawal from cooperation with the US on this issue. Climate diplomacy is not a service to the United States or other countries, and departing from it hurts the world – he pointed out. He also praised the record $ 369 billion investment package in the fight against climate change adopted by the US Congress this year as a “global gamechanger”. However, he added, the world must take similar steps quickly.

The President of Russia announced that he had signed decree on partial mobilization in Russia. Mobilization activities will start today, September 21.

We use all means at our disposal to protect our country and people – announced the Russian president.

According to the decree, the service will be subject only citizens who are in reserve. First of all, it is about those who served in the armed forces, have military specializations and experience. Conscripts will have to undergo training.

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