Biden: Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons, despising international treaties

“Let’s be clear: a permanent member of the UN Security Council has invaded its neighbor in an attempt to wipe a sovereign state off the map of the world said Biden. As he added, both words Putinas well as discovered crimes, including recently mass graves in Iziumtestify to Russia’s intentions in this war.

Yeah war it is to destroy Ukraine’s right to exist as a state and to exist as a nation. Wherever you live, whatever you believe should chill the blood in your veins the US president announced.

Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons in contempt of international treaties – He said President USA.

The US is in favor of an end to this war, but on fair terms; we will continue to support Ukraine he said Joe Biden.

A new aid package for Ukraine

Today I announce a new package of $ 2.9 billion in humanitarian and food aid – said Biden.

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