Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Hurricane Fiona passes through the Atlantic Ocean

Hurricane Fiona brings with it heavy rainfall and strong wind, the gusts of which can reach 215 kilometers per hour. The people of Bermuda prepare for the advent of the element. Previously, it ravaged Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where the counting of losses is still ongoing.

The devastating hurricane Fiona is on its way to Bermuda. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasts that it will pass the Northwest Atlantic archipelago on Friday around 8am local time. British overseas residents prepare for the worst – boarding windows and stocking up groceries and flashlight batteries.

Late Friday evening, local time, the element is expected to reach Canada’s Atlantic coast.

Bermuda prepares for the heavy rain that Fiona is carrying

Fiona is a Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson five-point ascending scale. On Thursday, the element reached speeds of up to 215 kilometers per hour. Hurricane warnings have been issued for all of Bermuda, which is home to more than 60,000 people. Storm waves, heavy rainfall and strong winds are forecast on the islands, even if Fiona passes by the island. According to NHC experts, the elements can cause floods and landslides.

Hurricane Fiona forecast routeNHC, NOAA

“There is an emotional crisis”

In Puerto Rico, estimation of losses after Fiona’s passage is ongoing. The hurricane caused enormous damage on the island: it broke bridges, flooded roads and cut off almost all residents from electricity. The scale of the catastrophe is best seen on satellite photos taken before and after the passage of the element.

Destruction in Puerto RicoPAP / EPA / MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES

An estimated million homes and businesses were out of power in Puerto Rico on Thursday morning, Reuters reported. LUMA Energy, the power distribution and transmission company in Puerto Rico, said it could take several days to fully restore power.

“People are under a lot of stress,” said one resident of Camuy in northwest Puerto Rico. – Here in this area there is an emotional crisis. He was frustrated by the lack of electricity and the fact that we are constantly being lied to – she added.

The situation is similar in the Dominican Republic, where the energy infrastructure has also been destroyed.

To date, the element has claimed at least eight deaths in several islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Destruction in Puerto RicoPAP / EPA / MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES

Destruction in the Dominican RepublicPAP / EPA / Orlando Barria

Main photo source: NHC, NOAA

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