Benzema: I can’t wait to play on Sunday

– I feel good. I’m happy to be back on the team. It took a while and I had time to do pretem-advice. I feel very good, comfortable. I can’t wait to play on Sunday.

– What have I been doing this time pretems for advice? It was a lot of physical work. I didn’t touch the ball. Today it was my first ball training. These days I was running a lot and working a lot on strength in buildings. I also trained at home. I came back a little late from vacation and didn’t have much time to prepare well. That’s why I did it now and I feel very good.

– How do I rate the team’s matches without me? Very good, perfect! I saw that my colleagues had a full set of wins, scored goals and showed character. We have a big team and you could even say we have two teams. There is no difference between those who start matches and those who come in and make a difference too. That’s why I rate the team excellent.

– October? We must go on. Everything is clear in our heads: we have to win every game. All La Liga and Champions League matches are important. All teams want to beat Real, but we feel good and we are prepared to continue it all, the Real Madrid captain concluded.

Karim Benzema trained with the team for the first time in 22 days after muscle injuries and a knee injury.

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