Beata Kozidrak was not admitted to the USA. Concerts canceled

Bajm issued a statement on this matter. “Beloved, despite the greatest willingness and efforts of the organizers, our visit to the United States had to be moved. It happened for reasons beyond the control of us and the organizers of the Polonaise festival” – the team wrote on Facebook.

“Super Express” reports that, according to its information, the Americans did not grant Beata Kozidrak a work permit in the USA in connection with the conviction that she was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in Poland.

– Most likely, Ms Kozidrak’s plans were thwarted by the visa regulations and the American immigration office, which has considerable freedom in issuing decisions on obtaining a visa and decisions on entering the territory of the United States. According to the regulations, the authorities may refuse to issue a visa or entry in connection with the so-called the file of the applicant – explains “SE” lawyer Marcin R. Węrzyński from Sabaj Law PC

Beata Kozidrak was illegally sentenced in May on a fine and a five-year driving ban for driving under the influence of alcohol. The singer pleaded guilty and expressed remorse in court. In September 2021, she was caught on the streets of Warsaw at the wheel of a BMW, having 2 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air.

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