Bartosz Kurek describes a sight he found in Katowice. He had not expected this at all

In terms of purely sports, the last test before the World Cup can certainly be considered successful, because the Poles won confidently, and the players who received less time on the court in the last matches also got their moment.

The turnout could also be very encouraging, because the Spodek Arena was filled to a large percentage, despite the fact that it was “only” a sparring played on Tuesday evening. Kurek spoke about the fans in superlatives after the meeting.

Coming out to warm up, we expected several hundred people and a sparring atmosphere. The fans gave us extra adrenaline and energy. When we saw an almost full Spodek at a friendly match, it was amazing – He admitted.

Bartosz Kurek with the last predictions before the World Cup

In this match, Kurek had a lot of time to watch his teammates play from the square, he was also tempted to give his opinion from this perspective. – There are still a few shortcomings, but as always, it was pure pleasure to be on the dance floor with these guys and looking at them probably even bigger. Those players who did not start this game gave a great show – added the 33-year-old.

The captain of our team also decided to briefly summarize the team’s preparations and present their own and the team’s hopes for the upcoming tournament.

We did everything we could to be ready and I am very happy about that. We didn’t have any injuries, everyone is prepared. We’ve done our job, we’ll do our best. What will be will be. If one day an opponent is better than us, we will have to accept it. However, I believe that our moment at this championship will come, he announces.

Poland will start its participation in the world championship on August 26 at 20:30, when it will play against Bulgaria in Katowice.


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