Bailiff auctions in Podlasie. Check where you can buy houses, flats and cars at a bargain price [14.10.2022]

You can buy cheaply at bailiff auctions, incl. houses, flats and plots of land. No wonder that this form of shopping is becoming more and more popular. There are more and more debtors and their property is taken over by a bailiff to satisfy creditors’ claims. To this end, he puts up for sale movable and immovable property that are under the hammer. See what will be put up at bailiff auctions in the province in the coming days. Podlasie.

Bailiff auctions in Podlasie are held regularly. Houses, flats, plots of land and cars as well as RTV equipment are available for purchase. All property belonging to the debtors is auctioned by the bailiff. They can be purchased for a fraction of the value, so there is no shortage of people willing to acquire them.

In the next bailiff auctions in October and November 2022 it will be possible to purchase real estate located, among others, in in the area of:

  • Białystok,
  • Suwałki,
  • Łomża,
  • gm. Kolno,
  • gm. Suwałki,
  • gm. Szypliszki,
  • Stawisk,
  • Grajewa,
  • Szczuczyna,
  • gm. Lomza.

In order to take part in the bailiff’s auction of the selected item, before the start of the auction, a warranty must be submitted in the amount of one decimal of the estimated value of the property being auctioned – no later than on the day preceding the auction. This is regulated by Art. 962 § 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure. The first bidding price is 2/3 of the estimate.