Azeris torture Armenian soldiers – Info

Kristina Grigoryan, the government’s representative for the defense of human rights, tells about captured Armenian women who were stripped naked, raped and then dismembered. We checked the authenticity of each of these films, whether they were not from the war in 2020. Unfortunately, they are up-to-date – says Grigoryan in an interview for the Tempi weekly. He reports that Azeri soldiers posted them on Telegram, where they enjoyed great popularity. People encouraged them to commit more atrocities. Even new emotes depicting tortured Armenians have been created.

It is believed that this great tendency to cruelty towards the people of Armenia stems from the systemic Armenophobia propagated by the Azerbaijani authorities. This is confirmed by the UN report, which condemns the highest representatives of the Azerbaijani state for inciting ethnic hatred against Armenians.

Grigoryan reports that after a three-day invasion, from September 13 to 15, 207 people were declared killed or missing, more than 200 residential buildings were damaged, 50 of which were razed to the ground. The Azerbaijani army fired on refugee convoys, ambulances and a group of journalists. These are not final figures, as at least 20 Armenian soldiers are still in captivity.

Meanwhile, the concentration of Azerbaijani troops in border regions in Armenia raises serious concerns. This could mean preparing for the next invasion. Armenians are disappointed by the passivity of the international community and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, which are not clear enough about Azerbaijani crimes.

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