Autumn schedule of TVP 2022. Kasia Cichopek leading the way

Kasia Cichopek is walking like a storm. After great performances in new TVP programs, she got another job. Where will we see her this time? Jastrząb Post managed to get to the details.

Career Kasia Cichopek It has not been a long time since she was as perfect as after her separation from her husband. When the star TVP posted a statement on Instagram with information about the end of her 17-year-old marriage with Marcin Hakiel, the whole industry and fans of the couple were shocked. After all, there was no indication that their account was hanging in the balance.

Several months have passed since then, and Kasia’s professional life began to experience a renaissance. The presenter got two new programs. In the fall, we will see her as a juror in You Can Danceand hostess of the new format TVP Woman – Arrangement operation. Additionally, you can watch it regularly in Asking for breakfast and the series M like lovewhose new season starts in a month. This is not the end of the projects in which TVP Cichopek was involved.

Jastrząb Post has managed to find out what new job the actress and presenter adored by viewers has received.

Kasia Cichopek got a new job on TVP. What?

A few weeks ago we informed that Kasia is not only liked by viewers, but also recognition from the management. The star could count on the support of her superiors in a difficult time for her, when she was accused of having an affair with a colleague from work, which she herself finally denied.

President Kurski separates the private life of the stars from their work. Family troubles Katarzyna Cichopek it never had an impact on her work. Viewers value her, as do bosses Questions for breakfast. She is always well prepared and has a natural ability to win over interlocutors – said Jastrząb Post in April, a person from TVP.

The 39-year-old got several new orders, which she fulfilled very well. One of them was the performance of the host of two concerts at this year’s edition of the festival in Opole, highly appreciated by the Internet users. It is worth noting that for Cichopek, running such a large television event was not a debut. In the past, she was the host of various Polsat occasional concerts.

After Opole, Kasia was invited to another big event. As Jastrząb Post was able to find out, it is Cichopek who will announce the autumn schedule TVP during a ceremonial conference attended by journalists representing leading publishers and a whole galaxy of station stars. As in previous years, the presentation of the programming offer will be broadcast on television:

Kasia comes back from vacation and immediately goes to work. Before her, the presentation of the autumn schedule TVP. He is already looking forward to the next meeting with viewers, to whom he will tell about what has been prepared for them for the coming months – says the source of Jastrząb Post.

Who will accompany Kasia?

It will be the leading schedule for the first time TVP – incl. with Maciek Kurzajewski and Tomek Kammel – our guide adds.

Presentation of the schedule TVP will be held on August 24. The musical attraction of the evening will be, among others Maja Hyżywhich will present her latest single Better (premiered on August 19).

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