Australia. Image of King Charles III on coins from 2023

The image of King Charles III will replace Elizabeth II on Australian coins from 2023, announced Deputy Minister of the Treasury Andrew Leigh. The image of the king will not appear on the five-dollar bill that now has the image of Elizabeth II.

By law, all Australian coins must bear the image of the British monarch, who is also the head of state in Australia. From 1953, the coins bear the image of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday. Since the Australian dollar became the currency in 1966, over 15 billion coins with the image of the queen have been produced. Her image on coins has been changed six times, most recently in 2019.

The profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the coins was facing to the right, the image of Charles III would be facing to the left. Changing the way rulers are depicted on coins is a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. Since then, the image of each successive monarch on the coins was directed in the opposite direction to his predecessor.

The minting of the new coin will begin as soon as the official image of the new king, approved by Buckingham Palace, has been delivered to the mint.

After 2023, coins with the Queen will continue to be legal tender.

The image of Elizabeth II on the five-dollar banknoteReuters

In Australia, the image of Queen Elizabeth II also appears on the five-dollar bill. However, it will not be exchanged for the image of the king, as Elizabeth II was placed on the banknote “because of her personality, not monarchical status,” explained Deputy Minister of the Treasury Andrew Leigh.

Leigh added that the future image of these bills would be on the agenda for government deliberation, but there was no need to rush the decision. The indigenous peoples of Australia will also be considered when considering those who might appear on the new edition of these banknotes.

Main photo source: Reuters

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