Asensio believes he is not playing by club decision

He finished last season as the team’s third goalscorer with 12 goals in all competitions. He played in all the friendly matches this summer, but in his first official games against Eintracht Frankfurt and Almeria, he missed the minute as the only outfield player alongside Álvaro Odriozola, Jesús Vallejo and Mariano.

Miguel Ángel Díaz from the radio COPE reports that the 26-year-old believes the decision to leave him out of the game comes from club officials pushing him towards his departure. The royals do not intend to offer the Spaniard, whose contract expires in a year, a raise and if he does not intend to extend the contract on the current terms, the club sees only one option, which is to leave now and earn some money on the attackers.

This summer, agent Jorge Mendes has not yet found a club that is interested enough to negotiate with Real Madrid a compensation fee for the attacker. COPE adds that the Kings do not reveal how much they would be ready to part with Asensio. There had been rumors about the interest of Milan, Roma and England clubs so far, but nothing grew into more serious talks.

In the case of Asensio, leaving for free in a year may be more advantageous, because interested clubs will not have to pay money for him, and he will be able to count on a signing bonus. Real Madrid, of course, would prefer a cash transfer this summer to make some money, and that is why, according to the footballer, he is pushing him with the lack of minutes in August’s games. The competitor does not hold any claims against Carlo Ancelotti.

The royal team and the player’s entourage unanimously emphasize that there is a lot of time until August 31 and no scenario is ruled out today.

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