Artur Rojek responds to the allegations. “It’s easy to hit loved ones”

Artur Rojek responds to the allegations.  “It’s easy to hit loved ones”

Artur Rojek responds to the allegations. “It’s easy to hit loved ones”

Great September is a new music festival that was originally supposed to take place in September. The event was held, contrary to its name, with a delay (in October this year), and there were more and more reports in the industry that the cooperation between the main organizers: Artur Rojek and Łukasz Minta (father of Spring Break) was not successful.

On Wednesday, November 30, Minta published an entry in social media in which he accuses Rojek of deception regarding payments, avoiding signing contracts, as well as writing a defamatory e-mail to the Łódź city hall, and ultimately breaking cooperation.

The problems were to start when Artur Rojek’s wife became involved in creating a new festival on the map of Poland. Subsidies and proceeds from sponsors were to pass through her foundation. “Artur turned out to be a decision-maker and his wife, to put it mildly, did not help” – we read in his entry.

Minta maintains that he could not ask for it from the partners of the deal. In his account, he writes: “Unfortunately, the contract was never signed, but Artur wrote to the City [Łodzi — przyp. red.] denunciation. I was described in it as an extremely irresponsible person, not very appreciated in the industry, with serious emotional problems.”

“How did this story end? We were left with debts for the promotional campaign, personnel costs and hotels. For several months we have been trying to settle our expenses with Artur’s Wife by e-mail in order to get the money back, but it looks frivolous. Of course, no one is going to pay us for our work. Of course, I do not rule out going to court with this, but I know how the courts work in Poland and I think it would be a waste of my life to fight for several years,” writes Minta.

“I was called by Łukasz Minta to answer, hence a few words from me. I am not surprised by Łukasz’s move, because when you have to account for your actions, it is easiest to throw a catchy topic in the media. It is also easy to hit loved ones, because it is a convenient target. Ania – my wife – since 2008 she has been running the Independent Foundation, which is responsible for many music projects, including the Great September festival. 14 years of successful activities will not be canceled by one FB entry “- he wrote on social media Artur Rojek.

And he added: “In the foundation’s statement, which I attach below, you will find a factual reference to the claims published on Łukasz Minta’s profile. We believed for a long time that this cooperation makes sense. Perhaps too long. I hope that everyone who instinctively shared his entry will find time to read and publish the arguments of the festival organizer as well.

In the attached statement of the board of the Independent Foundation, we read: “As organizers of many musical events, we always aim to prepare them at the highest substantive and logistical level. [Minty — przyp. red.], as the executive producer of the festival, we were unable to realize the event on the date originally agreed with the city of Łódź. Łukasz Minta personally admitted this during the verification of the state of preparations for the event, carried out in the presence of representatives of the Łódź Event Center three weeks before the original date of the event.

And then: “Luke [Minta], despite repeated requests, also sent by us in recent days, has not yet provided us with documentation that would confirm the costs incurred and would allow us to settle the advance payment received from us. Therefore, we personally perceive the information provided by him, suggesting a lack of transparency in the organization of the festival, as completely unjustified.

“We have reason to believe that this desire to cause a media scandal is a failed attempt to stop our further claims against Łukasz. However, we will take all necessary actions to protect our rights and we will continue to seek the reimbursement of undocumented debts by Łukasz,” the statement reads.

The organizers argue that “the Great September festival will take place again next year, this time on the right date”.

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