Armored Core 6 in preparation? From Software with an interesting announcement

From Software provided us with a delicious Elden Ring in February. There has been speculation for years about the return to favor of the Armored Core series. A decade has passed since the premiere of the fifth installment of the series. A very interesting advertisement for a job as a character designer appeared in the studio’s job offer. This time, the content did not mention the elements of dark fantasy, so characteristic of the latest games of the studio.

On the Japanese website From Software, there is an offer for a job for a person designing characters in games. The requirements, however, do not apply to anything that could be associated with another game based on the assumptions of Dark Souls / Bloodborne / Sekiro. The editors of Tech4Gamers translated the content of the offer, according to which From Software requires the newly hired employee to focus on “creating characters and machines, providing graphic designers with all information about the planned appearance of the heroes.” Machines or robots in the history of From Software bring to mind one thing – Armored Core. At the beginning of February, just before the debut Elden Ringinsiders from the Resetera forum reported that work on the Armored Core 6as soon as the studio releases the Elden Ring.

From Software confirmed that in 2016 it was working on a new game in the series, but the work was at a standstill. According to information provided by leakers earlier this year, the next Armored Core would be based on mechanics similar to Dark Souls, in the open world. The studio proved that it is perfectly capable of generating the unforgettable, open world that is the Elden Ring. Although I would see a new version inspired by a more strategic trend, in an unforgettable style Front Mission 3.

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