Armenia – Azerbaijan. There are fights going on. The parties report the losses

Azerbaijan’s defense ministry said that 71 Azerbaijani soldiers had died as a result of clashes with Armenian troops. The authorities in Yerevan, in turn, informed about 105 soldiers killed in the armed forces of Armenia.

Fighting that broke out on Monday night ended on Wednesday with a ceasefire, achieved “thanks to the involvement of the international community,” the Security Council of Armenia announced. According to its secretary, Armen Grigorjan, the truce is in force from Wednesday at 20 local time (18:00 Polish time). Both countries blamed themselves for starting the fighting, which was the greatest intensification of the conflict that had been going on in decades since 2020.

The inhabitants of Azerbaijan say goodbye to the soldiers who died in the battles with the Armenians PAP / EPA / ROMAN ISMAYILOV

According to Azerbaijan’s defense ministry, 71 Azerbaijani soldiers have died in the recent clashes. On the side of Armenia, the authorities in Yerevan reported, 105 military deaths were reported.

Armenia accused Azerbaijan of shelling border towns and announced on Wednesday that Azerbaijani forces were occupying 10 square kilometers of its territory. The clashes also forced hundreds of Armenian civilians to flee the border zone, writes AFP. Armenian forces bombarded our positions in the regions neighboring Nagorno-Karabakh, informed the Azerbaijani side. Two civilians were injured in the fighting, the authorities in Baku announced on Wednesday.

Armenia is ready to recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity in a future peace treaty, provided that the country’s forces withdraw from the occupied territories of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Wednesday in the parliament in Yerevan. He added that the signing of such a document will be criticized and accused of treason, and even attempts to remove him from office, but he is seeking to conclude such an agreement to “ensure Armenia’s long-term peace and security”.


Some of the opposition considered this statement as a sign of Pashinyan’s readiness to submit to Azerbaijani demands and recognize Baku’s sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh, writes the PA agency. Thousands of outraged demonstrators gathered in Yerevan on Wednesday evening to demand Pashinyan’s resignation and accuse him of treason, the PA reports. He adds that such speeches also took place in other Armenian cities.

The observation mission of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Russian: ODKB) – a military pact centered around Russia – is due to arrive in Yerevan on Thursday, for which the authorities of Armenia, which remain a member of this organization, have asked for help.

Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The renewed outbreak of heavy fighting between the decades-long states in the dispute raised fears of the international community about the initiation of another military conflict in the post-Soviet area. The Reuters Agency believes that Russia, which supports Armenia and Turkey, which is helping Azerbaijan militarily and politically, may become involved in the conflict.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been fighting for decades over Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian separatist region that is de jure part of Azerbaijan. The bloodiest clashes between the Armenians and the Azeris over Nagorno-Karabakh took place in 1988-1994, after which the area became an Armenian-ruled and Armenian-backed quasi-state. The last stage of this conflict took place in 2020, when Azerbaijan made an attempt to regain control over the territory. Over 6.6 thousand people died then. people.

Armenian soldiers Facebook / Ministry of Defense of Armenia

After six weeks of fighting, during which Baku gained a significant advantage and territorial gains, a trilateral ceasefire agreement was signed. The signatories of the document are Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia as the guarantor. Azerbaijan kept the territory conquered by the Armenians and took control of the three regions adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh. Moscow has deployed around 2,000 jobs in the region. soldiers as peacekeepers.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ROMAN ISMAYILOV

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