Arkadiusz Milik showed a hot video with a girl. “Almost Dirty Dancing”

Arkadiusz Milik showed a hot video with a girl.  “Almost Dirty Dancing”

Arkadiusz Milik showed a hot video with a girl. “Almost Dirty Dancing”

Last weekend, the Polish national team lost to France 1:3 in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup in Qatar and said goodbye to the tournament. Some of the national team went on vacation immediately after dropping out of the World Cup.

Anna and Robert Lewandowski flew to the Maldives. He took the same direction Christopher Friday. Arkadiusz Milik, in turn, bet on the Seychelles. The footballer rests in beautiful natural surroundings with his girlfriend Agata Sieramska.

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Arkadiusz Milik showed a hot recording with his beloved. Fans comment

Both the Juve player and his beloved are happy to show on social media holiday pictures. This time, Arkadiusz Milik posted a short video on Instagram on the beach. In the recording, the lovers did not spare each other tenderness.

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“It’s nice to look at you”, “Almost Dirty Dancing. Have a good rest, Mr. Arek”, “Beautiful”, “The best Polish couple”, “But a lot of love from you beats, it’s wonderful to look at it” — fans of the couple wrote. In the comments, however, there were also jokes referring to the fact that Milik did not score a single goal at the World Cup in Qatar.

In turn, the profile of Sieramska appeared, among others. a photo for which she posed on a jet ski. “Wow, paradise”, “Pole in the form of life”, “Dream”, “It can’t be described in words. A real paradise”, “Wonderful place”, “Goddess”, “Paradise on earth” – Internet users commented.

Arkadiusz Milik in May 2021 became involved with Agata Sieramska. Fans had to wait until this year’s Valentine’s Day for the official confirmation of their relationship. On February 14, the footballer published a joint photo with the girl on Instagram. Sieramska is very popular in social media. Currently, her Instagram profile is followed by 150,000. people. Beloved Milika is a model and her greatest passion is sport. “Agatycze” encourages Internet users to be physically active, conducting live trainings on Instagram.

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