Arkadiusz Milik is delighted with his girlfriend. “He has a great body”

Arkadiusz Milik in May 2021 started working with Agata Sieramska, known on the web as “Agatycze”. Previously, the footballer had been meeting Jessica Ziółek for nearly 10 years. The couple was even engaged. Rumors that the Polish representative has a new girlfriend appeared in June last year, when paparazzi photographed them during a walk. The interested parties themselves did not confirm the media reports for a long time. It was only on Valentine’s Day that they shared a romantic photo online. Since then, lovers have been eager to publish joint photos on Instagram.

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Arkadiusz Milik is delighted with his girlfriend. “He has a great body”

It’s no secret that Agata Sieramska loves sport. He encourages his observers to be physically active by conducting trainings at Instastory. He is also happy to train with his beloved. At one time, their joint photo from the gym was a sensation.

Now Arkadiusz Milik has spoken about his girlfriend. In an interview for, a Juventus footballer praised his beloved, mentioning her love of physical activity. – Agata is probably more of a sports “freak” than me. I have always thought that I am very sporty, work hard and pay attention to nutrition, and suddenly I have a person at home who pays even more to it – he confessed.

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The Polish representative attempted a few compliments for his beloved. – I think he has a great body and he puts a lot of effort into it. It definitely helps me with nutrition, supplements, everything. He watches it a lot, sometimes more than me. I am glad that I have it, because she is a great woman and a great motivation for me – said Arkadiusz Milik.


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