Are cities in danger of disconnecting the electricity? “There are no good solutions”

Officials from Poznań were truly shocked when they opened the only electricity supply offer for next year. Compared to 2021, the increase will be 700 percent, and compared to the current one – 420 percent. It is similar in almost every major city.

Local governments admit that they simply cannot afford to pay such bills (although few cities are in a different situation, such as Zakopane). All the more so as the changes in the Polish Deal significantly reduced their income. So what can they do?

Here are the solutions for cities. They are all bad

– If a city does not have enough funds to pay for energy, it usually calls out a tender again – says Jan Sakławski to Business Insider, attorney-at-law from Brysiewicz, Bokina, Sakławski i Wspólnicy, which specializes in energy issues.

The “second tender” actually seems to be an obvious solution when the local government simply cannot afford the proposed conditions. And in fact, cities often say that they are announcing or want to announce another tender for energy – we heard it from spokesmen of offices in Poznań or Bydgoszcz. The trouble is that an energy concert does not have to offer better conditions the second time around. It can even be said that it is hard to expect – especially in cases where only one company entered the tender the first time (which is usually the case in large cities).

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