Apple infuriated the Russians. It kicked out VK apps from the App Store

Apple removed almost all tools belonging to the Russian holding company VK from its App Store application catalog without warning. From the store have disappeared, among others Vkontakte social network, mail provider or VK Music streaming service.

The Cupertino giant hit the Russians, removing from its store almost all applications belonging to VK – notes the TASS agency. Apple is still silent and does not disclose the reasons for the removal.

Vkontakte – called Russian Facebook – was the first application to disappear from the App Store. It is the largest Russian social network, created by Pavel Durov in 2006 and acquired by VK in 2014. Later, the email provider Mail, the Cloud file storage service, the VK Music music streaming service, the VK Messenger messenger, as well as such applications as VK Clips, VK Play and VK Admin were removed from the directory at the same time.

Apple hits without warning

VK representatives confirmed the removal of the application from App Store and no comment from Apple. “VK confirms that Apple has blocked several of the company’s applications, they are currently unavailable in the AppStore. The company has sent Apple a request for clarification,” they said in a statement, adding that the services previously installed on users’ smartphones are still functioning normally.

Down Apple The Russian ministry of digitization also made an offer. “The Ministry of Digitization of the Russian Federation sent an inquiry to Apple about the reasons for the removal of VK applications and developers’ accounts, paying particular attention to the social importance and scale of using the services of the Russian company,” the ministry representatives told CNews.

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