Antonio Conte taunted Thomas Tuchel. “Making you stumble would be totally deserved”

Manager Antonio Conte heated the atmosphere via Instagram after Sunday’s clash with Thomas Tuchel during and immediately after Chelsea’s clash with Tottenham (2: 2).

The hit clash in the second series of Premier League games brought us a lot of emotions not only on the pitch, but at the coaches’ benches of both teams, where both coaches reacted very spontaneously to the hits of their players.

Their behavior led to several direct tensions, which in turn led to penalizing the Italian and German managers with red cards by the referee.

The first major scuffle involving Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel took place just after Tottenham scored the equalizer. Then the guardian of “Koguty” ostentatiously approached the zone occupied by the staff of “The Blues” and accosted the nearly 49-year-old coach.

This one did not owe him and after the goal scored by Reece James celebrated the hit of the charge right in front of the Italian’s nose.

Then both men clasped together immediately after the match endedWhen is it The German refused to let go of Conte’s hand because he did not meet his eyes when he handed it.

At these events, the exchange of courtesies between the managers of the leading English clubs did not end, because the Tottenham coach accosted Tuchel by posting a relevant post on Twitter, in which he referred to his celebration.

“Fortunately, I didn’t see you. It would be totally deserved to make you stumble, ”the 53-year-old wrote.

At the moment, the behavior of both managers results in their exclusion from the competition against Wolverhampton (Conte) and Leeds United (Tuchel), but it cannot be ruled out that they will suffer even more serious consequences of inappropriate behavior.

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