Another harsh penalty for taking sand off a Sardinian beach

The information about the penalty, given by the association with the all-saying name of Sardinia Okradana i Łupiona, is another warning and reminder for people vacationing on the Italian island that it is strictly forbidden and always severely punished there is the removal of sand, pebbles and shells from the beaches.

This is considered theft. This is why passengers’ luggage is carefully checked in this angle.

Organization of environmental defenders published a photo of confiscated “holiday souvenirs” and announced that the sand would soon return to the beach.

“We wish the thieves, whom I hope never to see again in our website, to continue to cry for a long time and with pain, just like when they found out that the penalty was EUR 1000” – emphasized the association.

On some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, there is even an order to thoroughly clean clothes, shoes, towels and sand bags, so as not to take its grains.

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