Another fake in Russia. The Polish woman checked the new Starbucks

  • Another replacement for an international brand has appeared in Russia. The former Starbucks cafes were bought by rapper Timati and in August he opened “Stars Coffee”
  • The place reached by our interlocutor from Moscow is crowded
  • For an average coffee, depending on the type, you have to pay from 24 to 28 PLN. In her opinion, the new network will not last long
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Many companies it either withdrew or suspended its activities in Russia in reaction to the war initiated by the Kremlin. In June, we described the opening of new fast food outlets in Moscow to replace McDonald’s. A Polish woman living in the capital of this country told us then that crowds had come for the opening “Tasty – full stop”. She also described the taste of the dishes on offer.

However, this is not the only network that Russia has decided to recreate.

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Starbucks has suspended operations in the country to express its opposition to the war with Ukraine, but Starbucks assets have been bought by Junus Yusupov, popular Russian rapper, known under the pseudonym Timati, and restaurateur Anton Pinski. The first of “Stars Coffee” was opened in August.

– The place has become very popular, there are long lines to the ticket offices – he reports and notes that the majority of customers are young people.

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A striking similarity

In her opinion “the new owner made no effort”.

The logo is very similar to the ex, but the mermaid turned into a Russian woman: she lost her tails somewhere and put on a Russian kokoshnik. It’s a Russian “bonnet” – he laughs.

The offer not only coffee

The woman sent us a picture of the menu. – In my opinion, the prices are not low. An average cappuccino coffee (300 ml) costs 310 rubles, or about PLN 24. Average latte coffee is a bit more expensive – you have to pay 315 rubles (PLN 24.5) for it. Average mocha coffee costs even more, 360 rubles (PLN 28).

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The offer includes, among others: rigatoni pasta with mushrooms for 390 rubles (PLN 30), a poke bowl with salmon and nut sauce also for 390 rubles and Caesar salad for 270 rubles (PLN 21).

Among the desserts, cookies with chocolate pieces, croissants (PLN 13) and one of the new symbols of “Stars Coffee” – cake “Dome” (PLN 27), the shape of which was inspired by the dome of the church.

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– I bought the last cookie, a croissant and a medium latte – he says and shows us the photo and the receipt. On it: 840 rubles, or about 65 zlotys.

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– The croissant was too hard, it was difficult to bite. The hit cookie “Dome” is a mousse cake with chocolate. It has the taste of blackcurrant and is very sweet – he says. Finally, he adds that the coffee from the whole set came out pretty well.

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Controversial owner

– After all, Moscow is full of people who like the Russian version of “Starbucks” and seem to be enough. As you can see, they can replace everything for themselves and pretend that it is as before – says the Polish woman and notices that the future of “Stars Coffee” may be sad.

– I think that a similar fate may await “Stars Coffee” – he concludes.

Karolina Walczowska, journalist of Onet Podróże

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