Anna Wendzikowska summed up her relationships. “Maybe it’s not my fault”

Anna Wendzikowska summed up her relationships.  “Maybe it’s not my fault”

Anna Wendzikowska summed up her relationships. “Maybe it’s not my fault”

Former TVN journalist and businessman Jan Bazyl had a common comfort in the fall of 2018. However, weeks after the birth of Tosia, the man left his family. “It was incomprehensible to me on a logical level why it happened, then it happened a second time as soon as the pandemic started. So I had a pandemic and a breakdown of the relationship, which actually happened for no apparent reason – she recalled in an interview with the Jastrząb Post portal.

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The 41-year-old then realized that she had “reached the wall” and began to work deeply on herself so as not to enter into similar relationships again. – I had this feeling that (…) it’s time to finally look deeper and see what is the reason why I give so much, that I do a lot and it does not bring the intended result. That there is a mistake somewhere at the beginning, that my choices, decisions and places where my subconscious takes me and the patterns I know from childhood are not a good place for me – she explained, admitting that instead of leaving a toxic relationship, she she continued to wade into him and try “more”.

It was something that made me think that maybe it’s not my fault, but that it’s my responsibility, this is where I’m at. And it’s up to me where I go from here on

she admitted.

Currently Wendzikowska she is happily single, but as she admitted to fans, she still believes in love – and more than ever because she knows “what it is”.

“My approach has changed dramatically. I used to look for love in the sense of someone who would give it to me, who would fill my inner emptiness, make me feel something and be able to look away from the darkness of difficult inner experiences … Now I’m not looking outside” — she assured on Instagram, adding that she has an open heart.

The mother of two daughters emphasized that she did not miss the feeling, but perhaps in some time she would give herself a chance again. She thinks she can try again when her younger child goes to school. “Because for now, motherhood requires a lot of commitment from me – time of energy, (that) I don’t see a place for a relationship in my life, but I’m not closed” – Anna concluded.

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